Crazy Things People Did When Selling Their House

St. Patrick’s Day is today. That means a lot of green, a lot of celebrations and a lot of fun. But, how can you have fun when you’re worried about selling or buying a house? There are a lot of things that a home buyer should look for in a new house, and a lot of things a seller shouldn’t do. Since this is a fun holiday, we figured we’d let you in on a couple funny stories of people trying to buy or sell a house.

House Not HauntedStory 1: Make sure your realtor doesn’t place a sign in the yard saying, “House Not Haunted.” Well this is what happened and this is a huge red flag for the buyer and it brings the wrong attention to the house. A yard sign should showcase how spectacular your house is. Stating that your house is “not haunted” attracts the wrong audience and may deter people from looking at it because they might think it is in fact haunted. The bottom line is that negative attention should be avoided when selling your house.

Story 2: The mess makers. Have you ever been to an open house and the house is a mess? No, probably not. Well, in this case, the house was a mess and the family didn’t bother to clean it up. Having a messy house distracts from what the home buyers can see. They’re looking at the mess rather than looking at all the house has to offer.

BathroomStory 3: Having a bathroom that’s a bit out there. The prime example is this photo below. The bathroom is in the kitchen. There’s really no privacy there and that’s a huge, huge deterrent from the house. Trying to get someone to by the house will be a hard feat considering it’s not an every day thing.

All of these stories and things people have done are a bit silly, but at the end of the day, your objective is to find your dream home or to sell your home. Your realtor should be someone who can help you understand what works and what doesn’t work.

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Crazy Things People Did When Selling Their House

Don’t Forget About These Important Things When Looking To Move

Don't Forget About These Important Things When Looking To MoveMoving is a stressful and exciting time. It’s basically picking up your life and redirecting it to another town, city or even state. When you’re moving it can be stressful, but the fun part is picking out your house and neighborhood. Maybe even living in your dream home soon!
There are a couple things that people may forget to think about when looking for a house. They’re not how old the house is or who the next door neighbors are, they’re a bit more important. We’ve complied a list of the impotant things that you can’t forget to look for when you’re moving:
1. Schools. Millions of families move every year. They have small children, or even kids in high school. One thing to make sure is that there is a school nearby and the school’s ranking system. Is it an A school, B school and so on.
2. Look at the churches. Many people are people of faith and they like going where they feel they belong. It’s always a good idea to visit your potential churches to see how they are and where they’re located.
3. Parks and trails. Everyone loves being outside, especially with young kids. Parks are a great way to tire them out and to get a little exercise. Looking for parks close to your new home is a great idea.
4. Grocery stores. This is a huge one that should not be overlooked. Unless you grow everything yourself or if you get farm fresh meat, grocery stores are a must. Different states call them different things, and in Florida, they’re noramlly referred to as Publix. Luckily here, they’re in every major community. The distance to the grocery store is important just as important as the school.
This list is compiled of smaller thing to remember, but they’re still very important. These are embedded in some of our habits and they’re essentials to life. If you have any questions about what else to look for when searching for your dream home, contact us here.
Don’t Forget About These Important Things When Looking To Move

6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing

6 Questions You Can't Forget To Ask Before Closing6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing
When people get ready to buy a house, they’re excited, overwhelmed and sometimes, don’t think about the things they should ask before closing on a house. There are several important questions you should ask yourself and others when you’re buying your first house. Some questions you can’t forget to ask before closing. Lucky for you, I will outline the six most important questions for new homeowners. A house, after all, will more than likely be the largest purchase of                                                                                     your lifetime.
When you’re buying a car, you get it checked out by a mechanic. You should think about a house in the same sense. A house is a huge, long-term investment. A house needs to be inspected and looked at by the correct professionals to make sure it’s up-to-date and nothing is severely wrong with it before closing. It is also important that you ask these 6 questions before closing:
1. At what time should I expect the home inspection? Asking your realtor when the home inspection will take place is the first major question you should ask before closing on a new home. You want to ensure that you or your representative are present at the home inspection to ensure that your new home does not have any hidden defects.
2. Who should be at the inspection? This is an important question. Most people want to walk through the house and watch the home inspection first-hand. Always have your realtor with you, as a professional, your realtor has the experience to handle several home purchase issues that might arise before closing.
3. What are the closing costs? Your lender and realtor should have these details; however, it is important to know for yourself. Knowing the exact amount of closing costs will allow you to budget for the future.
4. What do I need to bring to closing? This question is also important, and one that people often forget. You should bring your driver’s license and form of payment. Typically, money is wired, so a check is unnecessary, but speak with your lender to make sure.
5. Where are the keys? In most circumstances, the first thing you will change on your new home are the locks. However, many new home buyers find themselves locked outside of their new home because they failed to get the keys at closing. You will also need to ask for any garage openers, community keys, and mailbox keys.
6. What does the surrounding neighborhood have to offer? When looking for a house, it is important that the surrounding neighborhood meets your needs.  Before you close on a house, make sure that your new neighborhood conveniently fits all your needs.
If you have your own closing question or wish to schedule an appointment, please click here.
6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing

When Is The Best Time To Buy?

When Is The Best Time To Buy?When looking or thinking about purchasing a home, many people ask, “When is the best time to buy?” The answer is not a consistent one because each case is different; however, the most important factor is you, the potential home buyer. As a potential homeowner, you need to be ready for the financial responsibility of purchasing a new home. Home ownership is a commitment and you are the most important factor in determining                                                                                 the best time to buy a home.
Determining the best time to buy a house is controlled by several different factors. It depends on your locations, market demand, and your savings. Here are a couple scenarios for the best time to buy:
Many areas in the country offer help for those who are first-time buyers. They will give discounts or help with closing costs. Ask your realtor if there is a first-time buyers program within your area.
Interest rates are very low right now. If you find your house, talk with your mortgage company to see what they can offer you. Some people are getting around 2%, others a little bit higher than that.
See how much house you can afford. Everyone dreams of having an amazing house, maybe even a mansion. The problem with that is, it’s not realistic. Make sure you have an idea of what you can afford, or go talk with a mortgage company about what they’re willing to lend you to know how much house is within your price range.
If you are mobile and renting now, but you sometimes need to leave on short notice, the best time to buy may not be now. Owning a home is a huge responsibility and if you’re always gone, traveling a lot or your work is unstable, renting may be the best option for you now.
After understanding how much the bank will loan you and how much you can afford, look to see if the houses within your price range are in good supply so the prices are not inflated.
How much money have you saved? Saving money for a down-payment is not always necessary, but after you get into a 30 year loan with no down-payment, you’ll be looking at a hefty mortgage payment. Some people don’t care, others would rather pay it back as soon as possible.
When looking for your home, take little things into consideration as well. How long is the drive to work? How far away is the nearest grocery store? Things like this need to be thought about because it makes living easier. If you purchase a house and forget to calculate the time to work and suddenly you find it’s gone from 15 minutes to 45, that’s a huge difference. Remember the little things too.
Everyone’s best time to buy is different. For some, the time is now. For others, the time is in the future. Always contact a realtor for all of your questions or concerns when buying your home.
When Is The Best Time To Buy?

What’s Wrong With This House?

What's Wrong With This House?Let me paint a picture for you. You’re in your dream home and you are so excited that you and your family have moved in. You are decorating now, setting up the furniture and getting settled. You know it’s going to be raining later that night so you make sure you have everything unloaded from the car and get ready to relax after a hard day’s work. The storm comes as expected, and then you hear a faint, “drip, drop, drip.” You jump up to make sure you didn’t leave a window open or the door slightly jammed only to find out the worst possible problem, that your roof is leaking. Your busy day in the house just turned from busy and crazy to disastrous.
Pause. Now, is there something you could have done to prevent this from happening? Yes. You need to always, always ask, “What’s wrong with this house.”
Why should you ask this? Simple. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Think of it this way. Almost all people date before they jump into a marriage. Marriage is permanent and you want to make sure you know the person who’s giving you the ring. Buying a home is the same way. You need to get to know the house and you need to understand what’s wrong with it and price it accordingly.
What’s wrong with this house should be one of the questions you ask a realtor after you find out how many bedrooms there are. The next step, after finding out that it’s the dream home for you, is asking, “What’s wrong with this house.”
After you ask what’s wrong with the house, your realtor will relay all pertinent information to you so that you can make an informed decision. Before you purchase the house and finalize the paperwork, the house should be fully inspected. This process allows you, the buyer, to understand what is wrong with the house and what needs repairs. This has allowed many people to reconsider or to fall in love with the house even more.
So always remember to ask your realtor, “What’s wrong with this house?” For more information on us and our services, please click here.
What’s Wrong With This House?

How To Save Your Money When Buying A House

How To Save Your Money When Buying A HouseIf you could save your money when buying a house, would you? Of course you would!
Everyone would like to save their money when it comes to buying a house. But, is there a way that you can do that and get the house you’re looking to make your home? The answer is yes.
A couple weeks ago the President gave a speech, his State of the Union speech. However, one thing he left out was the housing market. Why is this important for you?
When buying a house, the government and many cities and towns offer help with your down-payment. There is a lot of money out there that buyers can benefit from, if they knew it was available. By a recent survey from Freddie Mac, they found out that 70% of buyers are unaware of any form of down-payment assistance. This down-payment assistance helps with middle class families, not just lower-income families. Your realtor should be aware of national and state programs to help you save your money when buying a house. Your realtor should also have knowledge of such programs in order to help you buy your first house to save you money.
As an example of how this can be to your benefit: If you buy a house in Atlanta in the city proper, they have up to $40,000 that they can give to your clients. And, that is just one example.
This knowledge will translate into any city, depending on the program. Your realtor should have all the details and should know which programs will work well for you and your family in order for you to save your money. Make sure you mention this to your realtor before deciding to buy your house if the realtor hasn’t yet. It would be a shame to learn you could have saved your money after the fact.
How To Save Your Money When Buying A House

What You Need To Look For In A Realtor

Finding a realtor can be difficult. You need someone who understands what you are doing as well as what you want. You want someone who can stay within your budget. You want someone who can sell your house quickly and you want someone who can find you a house that matches your wants and needs. So, how do you find this magical person, and do they even exist? The answer is yes. But you do need to do a little digging to make sure they’re a great fit. Here are the things you need to look for in a realtor:
1. Being a realtor should be your realtor’s only job. What do I mean about this? I mean that realtors have a lot of planning and preparation to go through in order to get your house sold or to find you a new house. If your realtor doesn’t have the allotted amount of time he or she needs, the process will be drawn out and you won’t get the results you’re looking for quickly.
2. Make sure the realtor has experience. With experience comes knowledge and skill. Not all realtors are the same, so make sure they have an understanding of the market and know what to look for. You should also make sure they can do a competitive analysis to make sure your house is priced accordingly. We all know if it’s priced too high it won’t sell, if it’s priced too low, you’ll lose out on money.
3. Ask your realtor questions. When you hire a realtor, asking them questions is just as important as when they learn about you. You need to make sure the collaboration will work well and that they understand what you’re looking for.
Hiring a realtor can be a tedious process, especially if that realtor isn’t on the same page as you. Make sure you interview them to see what their track record is for selling and how they go about selling houses.
For any questions, please contact Rine Moore here. For more information on buying, selling or renting, see my Facebook page.
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What You Need To Look For In A Realtor