6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing

6 Questions You Can't Forget To Ask Before Closing6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing
When people get ready to buy a house, they’re excited, overwhelmed and sometimes, don’t think about the things they should ask before closing on a house. There are several important questions you should ask yourself and others when you’re buying your first house. Some questions you can’t forget to ask before closing. Lucky for you, I will outline the six most important questions for new homeowners. A house, after all, will more than likely be the largest purchase of                                                                                     your lifetime.
When you’re buying a car, you get it checked out by a mechanic. You should think about a house in the same sense. A house is a huge, long-term investment. A house needs to be inspected and looked at by the correct professionals to make sure it’s up-to-date and nothing is severely wrong with it before closing. It is also important that you ask these 6 questions before closing:
1. At what time should I expect the home inspection? Asking your realtor when the home inspection will take place is the first major question you should ask before closing on a new home. You want to ensure that you or your representative are present at the home inspection to ensure that your new home does not have any hidden defects.
2. Who should be at the inspection? This is an important question. Most people want to walk through the house and watch the home inspection first-hand. Always have your realtor with you, as a professional, your realtor has the experience to handle several home purchase issues that might arise before closing.
3. What are the closing costs? Your lender and realtor should have these details; however, it is important to know for yourself. Knowing the exact amount of closing costs will allow you to budget for the future.
4. What do I need to bring to closing? This question is also important, and one that people often forget. You should bring your driver’s license and form of payment. Typically, money is wired, so a check is unnecessary, but speak with your lender to make sure.
5. Where are the keys? In most circumstances, the first thing you will change on your new home are the locks. However, many new home buyers find themselves locked outside of their new home because they failed to get the keys at closing. You will also need to ask for any garage openers, community keys, and mailbox keys.
6. What does the surrounding neighborhood have to offer? When looking for a house, it is important that the surrounding neighborhood meets your needs.  Before you close on a house, make sure that your new neighborhood conveniently fits all your needs.
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6 Questions You Can’t Forget To Ask Before Closing