Crazy Things People Did When Selling Their House

St. Patrick’s Day is today. That means a lot of green, a lot of celebrations and a lot of fun. But, how can you have fun when you’re worried about selling or buying a house? There are a lot of things that a home buyer should look for in a new house, and a lot of things a seller shouldn’t do. Since this is a fun holiday, we figured we’d let you in on a couple funny stories of people trying to buy or sell a house.

House Not HauntedStory 1: Make sure your realtor doesn’t place a sign in the yard saying, “House Not Haunted.” Well this is what happened and this is a huge red flag for the buyer and it brings the wrong attention to the house. A yard sign should showcase how spectacular your house is. Stating that your house is “not haunted” attracts the wrong audience and may deter people from looking at it because they might think it is in fact haunted. The bottom line is that negative attention should be avoided when selling your house.

Story 2: The mess makers. Have you ever been to an open house and the house is a mess? No, probably not. Well, in this case, the house was a mess and the family didn’t bother to clean it up. Having a messy house distracts from what the home buyers can see. They’re looking at the mess rather than looking at all the house has to offer.

BathroomStory 3: Having a bathroom that’s a bit out there. The prime example is this photo below. The bathroom is in the kitchen. There’s really no privacy there and that’s a huge, huge deterrent from the house. Trying to get someone to by the house will be a hard feat considering it’s not an every day thing.

All of these stories and things people have done are a bit silly, but at the end of the day, your objective is to find your dream home or to sell your home. Your realtor should be someone who can help you understand what works and what doesn’t work.

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Crazy Things People Did When Selling Their House

When Is The Best Time To Buy?

When Is The Best Time To Buy?When looking or thinking about purchasing a home, many people ask, “When is the best time to buy?” The answer is not a consistent one because each case is different; however, the most important factor is you, the potential home buyer. As a potential homeowner, you need to be ready for the financial responsibility of purchasing a new home. Home ownership is a commitment and you are the most important factor in determining                                                                                 the best time to buy a home.
Determining the best time to buy a house is controlled by several different factors. It depends on your locations, market demand, and your savings. Here are a couple scenarios for the best time to buy:
Many areas in the country offer help for those who are first-time buyers. They will give discounts or help with closing costs. Ask your realtor if there is a first-time buyers program within your area.
Interest rates are very low right now. If you find your house, talk with your mortgage company to see what they can offer you. Some people are getting around 2%, others a little bit higher than that.
See how much house you can afford. Everyone dreams of having an amazing house, maybe even a mansion. The problem with that is, it’s not realistic. Make sure you have an idea of what you can afford, or go talk with a mortgage company about what they’re willing to lend you to know how much house is within your price range.
If you are mobile and renting now, but you sometimes need to leave on short notice, the best time to buy may not be now. Owning a home is a huge responsibility and if you’re always gone, traveling a lot or your work is unstable, renting may be the best option for you now.
After understanding how much the bank will loan you and how much you can afford, look to see if the houses within your price range are in good supply so the prices are not inflated.
How much money have you saved? Saving money for a down-payment is not always necessary, but after you get into a 30 year loan with no down-payment, you’ll be looking at a hefty mortgage payment. Some people don’t care, others would rather pay it back as soon as possible.
When looking for your home, take little things into consideration as well. How long is the drive to work? How far away is the nearest grocery store? Things like this need to be thought about because it makes living easier. If you purchase a house and forget to calculate the time to work and suddenly you find it’s gone from 15 minutes to 45, that’s a huge difference. Remember the little things too.
Everyone’s best time to buy is different. For some, the time is now. For others, the time is in the future. Always contact a realtor for all of your questions or concerns when buying your home.
When Is The Best Time To Buy?