Can More Light Really Sell A House Faster?

08.31In the ancient days, the sun was thought to be a god. Now, we realize that the sun is still powerful, but just to light up the sky.

Many people up north complain of being depressed and having little drive when the winters come along because there is very little sunlight. So, can this be the same as trying to sell your house? Can more light in your home really make it sell faster?

According to this article, a well-lit house can indeed help it sell. It states that there should be layers of light coming within the house, and the outside should be well lit as well. It also shares that many people make a snap judgement by the outside of the house before they even decide whether or not they want to go inside. By making the house well lit at night and in the evening, it entices people and shows that it is a “happy” house and is automatically thought of as being more inviting.

Also, according to this blog, they say to keep the blinds open to let in lots of natural lights. By letting in natural light, it also makes the room look larger.

From those two articles, we can come to the conclusion that a well-lit house makes people feel more comfortable and makes the house seem more inviting. However, are there other small tricks that you can do to make your house sell faster? Yes. Here’s a quick list for you:

  1. Put away the family photos. People like to see themselves in the house; they have a hard time doing that if others photos are visible.
  2. Clean, clean, clean! A clean house is more aesthetically pleasing than a dirty one. Many people can’t overlook the dirt and may not consider the house.
  3. Hide kid’s toys. This ties in with number one. People want to envision their families within the house. By hiding toys, it’s easier for them to see themselves in the house.

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Can More Light Really Sell A House Faster?