Are Online Real Estate Apps Better Than A Local Realtor?

Are Online Real Estate Apps Better Than A Local Realtor?Smartphones are in everyone’s purse, pocket and hands. They are everywhere. Along with the smartphone came the smartphone apps. With these you can message someone, play a game or even touch up a photo; the options are limitless.

Smartphones can be a blessing and a curse. But, how do those smartphone apps hold up against a local realtor when looking to buy or sell? Do you really need a realtor now? Let’s look it over and weigh out the pro’s and con’s of an app v. a local realtor.

The App:
Comes with GPS so you can look at houses around the address you type in
Shows you pictures of the property and house, inside and out
Allows you to see the price right away
Has lots of different features showing you what the house comes with and an overview of the community

The Realtor:
Gives you a more personal experience
Shows you houses in person
Can understand needs past bedroom and bathroom count
Knows which neighborhoods your family feels comfortable in
Shares their opinion as well as asking yours about the house to better understand what you’re looking for

When you take into account that the real estate app cannot give you the personal touch a realtor can, you may consider having both of them at your disposal. How? Well, you can browse the real estate app as well as use a realtor. It’s the same way some people go shopping. They look for what they want, so they limit the time they spend out looking at houses they’re not interested in. The app can come in handy letting the person looking to buy or sell peruse the options and then telling the realtor what they did or didn’t like about the houses they saw.

Some of the sites that are more popular are Zillow, Houzz, and Realtor. These sites can help you find the dream home you’re looking for. However, only a realtor can understand you on a more personal note.

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Are Online Real Estate Apps Better Than A Local Realtor?