Can More Light Really Sell A House Faster?

08.31In the ancient days, the sun was thought to be a god. Now, we realize that the sun is still powerful, but just to light up the sky.

Many people up north complain of being depressed and having little drive when the winters come along because there is very little sunlight. So, can this be the same as trying to sell your house? Can more light in your home really make it sell faster?

According to this article, a well-lit house can indeed help it sell. It states that there should be layers of light coming within the house, and the outside should be well lit as well. It also shares that many people make a snap judgement by the outside of the house before they even decide whether or not they want to go inside. By making the house well lit at night and in the evening, it entices people and shows that it is a “happy” house and is automatically thought of as being more inviting.

Also, according to this blog, they say to keep the blinds open to let in lots of natural lights. By letting in natural light, it also makes the room look larger.

From those two articles, we can come to the conclusion that a well-lit house makes people feel more comfortable and makes the house seem more inviting. However, are there other small tricks that you can do to make your house sell faster? Yes. Here’s a quick list for you:

  1. Put away the family photos. People like to see themselves in the house; they have a hard time doing that if others photos are visible.
  2. Clean, clean, clean! A clean house is more aesthetically pleasing than a dirty one. Many people can’t overlook the dirt and may not consider the house.
  3. Hide kid’s toys. This ties in with number one. People want to envision their families within the house. By hiding toys, it’s easier for them to see themselves in the house.

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Can More Light Really Sell A House Faster?

Can Doing Feng Shui Really Help Sell Your House?

Feng ShuiFeng Shui is the Chinese practice of things coming together in harmony and balance. Feng Shui means “wind” and “water.” This is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. But how does it relate to houses?

Feng Shui is simply the balance of things within the room, such as furniture. Feng Shui is looking at the layout of the home and taking into account the decorations and furniture, changing it, and making it more appealing and balanced. Here are some tips to help your house be more welcoming.

Make sure your furniture is facing the door. Have you ever walked into a room and everyone’s backs are facing you? It’s not very inviting. This is the principle in the first tip. This idea is the same with furniture. Make sure the furniture is facing the door, or at least some. Make sure too that there are chairs that come together so you could sit down with a couple people and talk. Chairs that are isolated and non-inviting. They don’t promote conversation and can make the room feel cold.

Make sure the traffic flows. This isn’t just the case for the highway, it needs to work within your house too. People need to be able to walk around freely without running into something. You want to have a house feel open and comfortable, not cramped and cluttered.

Make sure the bedroom is calming. This is a place of rest for everyone. Pictures should be calming and not of dramatic events or bright colors. Photos of nature are a great option within the bedroom. When selling your home too, make sure you put away the family photos and religious icons. You want the home to be able to sell by the potential buyer seeing their family within it, and that’s hard with your family photos. Religious icons can be the same thing, people may not have the same religious views as you so they can’t see themselves in the house.

Close the lid to the toilet. Many realtors also recommend this, but in Feng Shui it’s for a different reason. Water represents money and the toilet is one place where water/ money escapes. Instead close, the lid to the toilet and place plants around the corners of the other rooms; This will enliven the room and create harmony.

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Can Doing Feng Shui Really Help Sell Your House?

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your House Sell

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your House SellWhen it’s time to sell your house, a million things could be running through your mind; Where will I move? Do I have everything covered? Do I have everything I need? Is everything ready to sell? Aside from getting the family ready and packing, there are a couple of simple things you can do in order to help your house sell. We’ve spelled them out for you to make your life a bit easier during this hectic time.
5 simple things you can do to help your house sell:
1. Talk with a realtor. Realtors know what a house should look like as well as what to do in order to make it sell better. They are experts and can help your house sell. But, do your research with a realtor. Ask them questions and make sure that this relationship is one that will work for you and your family.
2. Make sure your price is right. When it comes to anything, including houses, the price needs to be correct. Your realtor should compare your house to other homes that recently sold in your neighborhood. An effective realtor knows that research is the key in developing a price to sell your house.
3. Leave the emotions aside. Many people become attached to their house, which is understandable. Your family could have grown up and created several memories in the same home that you are preparing to sell. However, it is very important to to make rational decisions and prepare for the future because families grow and housing markets often shift.
4. Set goals. Goals are a must to help your house sell. Talk to your realtor and know what your price point is, what type of deal you want, i.e. cash, 30-day close, etc. Make sure both you and your realtor know what is happening up front and know what to expect with the goals you have set.
5. Be excited. Leaving your old house should be an exciting new chapter in your life. Whether your family is expanding or your job is relocating you, being ready and excited will help close this chapter to help your house sell.
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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your House Sell